About Us

Elara is your one stop cruelty free beauty shop.
We proudly source cruelty free materials and ingredients to bring you the highest quality cruelty free lashes and masks.

Gone are the days where shopping ethically meant purchasing low quality products.

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Give Your Skin The Luminous Glow It Deserves

Welcome to a skin care revolution, time to say goodbye to dark circles and fine lines! The GOLD GLOW 24K Eye Mask replenishes your skin with the nutrients it needs to feel youthful and glowing.

Gold has been recognised as a rejuvenating skin treatment method from the beginning of time, and with the added bonus of collagen your skin will look visibly brighter in just 30 minutes.

Nothing But The Best

Why choose Elara AU? Easy!

* Premium quality.

* Soft fibres mimicking real mink fur but, -

* 100% fur free! All of our lashes are cruelty free & vegan.

* Value for money – our lashes are so strong and durable that with proper love and care they can be used up to 20 times!