I’m so excited to announce the arrival of our gold glow 24k gold eye masks! These beautiful eye masks are loaded with collagen and 24k nano gold.

So how have we gotten here? I’ve been looking to expand Elara Lash into other cosmetics and skincare since settling in and getting comfortable with business life. When an opportunity came up to purchase another business I jumped at the chance to expand our product range. This business was LUSTRE CO. You may have already heard of LUSTRE CO and you might even be a customer.


I am now the proud owner of both Elara Lash & LUSTRE CO. What’s going to happen over the next few weeks is a merge of the two businesses. I’ll go into this in more detail on Instagram, but we’ll  be moving over to LUSTRE CO’s social media pages and dropping the “lash” in Elara Lash. Elara is no longer just a false lash brand and is starting to grow. Both the Elara Lash and LUSTRE CO products are staying the exact same. No new formulas or materials, they’re just merging together and taking on a new name.


Another blog post will follow outlining the benefits of gold and collagen in skin care as well as how best to use our Gold Glow eye masks. I hope you’re all as excited as I am – let me know what you think!


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