The Mink Myth

These days consumers and brands in the beauty industry are starting to become more conscious of the ingredients and materials that they use and purchase. This is an amazing direction for us all to be taking. We have come so far yet still have a long way to go.
In today’s blog post we are exploring the definitions of the terms “Cruelty Free & Vegan.” It’s unfortunate that these days both terms are being used as a marketing tactic and it is easy for brands to deceive their customers and for suppliers and manufacturers to be dishonest about where they are harvesting their materials from and how.
From the definitions; the production and sale of mink fur eyelashes cannot be considered truly cruelty free or vegan. You won’t find any brands marketing their mink eyelashes as vegan thank goodness, as the definition is very clear.
VEGAN (adj.) using or possessing no animal products. Brands know that they can’t get away with claiming that mink fur eyelashes are vegan as they are literally made from animal fur.
CRUELTY FREE (adj.) production of goods that does not involve cruelty to animals. Or widely accepted as – production of products and materials that doesn’t involve animal testing.
This is where brands and manufacturers know that they don’t have to be 100% transparent and can come up with their own definitions as it isn’t properly regulated. Claims are made surrounding the harvesting of the fur. These claims primarily include the idea that minks are brushed softly for their fur. This could possibly be true in a very small amount of cases, however we’re yet to be presented with any evidence of this. This idea would be very time consuming and costly and would only produce very small amounts of fur, making it hard to pull a profit. This “method” still puts in question the ethics of keeping an animal against its will for the profit of humans and can’t be 100% verified.
From our own research, we have found sources testifying that minks are kept in poor conditions and are killed for their fur, we can’t claim that the killing happens in 100% of cases but it’s clear that it is the way of the industry. However, it is true that minks are kept in cages on fur farms. In our opinion, and the opinion of many others this is incredibly unethical and an unnecessary beauty trend, as well as 100% not cruelty free.
Something else very important for consumers to remember is the price point of mink fur.  Mink fur is an expensive product due to the process and time it takes to produce an item. If you are buying mink fur eyelashes for a few dollars, it’s important to be aware that you may be getting taken advantage of. Mink fur is a current trend and brands and suppliers know that they can label their items as mink without having to back that claim up. If questioned, they wouldn’t get in trouble as they can explain that their term of mink was to only describe the style of lashes.
We believe that there are many brands marketing their mink fur lashes as cruelty free with good intentions. Most of these brands will be quite new and are currently misinformed or ignorant to the true practises of the industry. If your favourite brand sells mink fur eyelashes and still market themselves as cruelty free, maybe it’s time to reach out to them to discuss the true definition of cruelty free.
Synthetic fibres mimic mink fur beautifully, ours are fluffy, soft and thick and will give you the mink lash look without the cruelty. Our lashes are an ethical alternative. We have carefully sourced our manufacturer to make sure that only synthetic fibres are used in the production of our lashes. They are also not involved in any animal testing of any sorts for our brand or any of the other businesses that they work with.
We encourage all customers that are interested in a cruelty free beauty lifestyle to research into the subject of mink lashes to make an informed decision of where they purchase their lashes. Below are a couple of links to articles elaborating on the subject, please be aware that the Daily Mail article features images that are distressing.

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